Would You Like To Become A Volunteer Instructor?

Volunteer instructors are people from all walks of life who enjoy nature and children. That's it! No degrees required. The volunteer instructors are like you and me in that they are busy, busy, busy with only a few sporadic hours to spare. And that's OK! Once trained, volunteer instructors set their own schedules.

Read one of our instructors' story about why he volunteers for the program here.

There are three steps to becoming a Guided School Program volunteer instructor:

• Attending “Basic Training”
• Attending “Lesson Specific Training” and
• Co-Teaching.

Each training session is held at Five Rivers in the classroom beginning at 9:15 and ending at 12:00. Coffee and bagels are ready at 9:00 on training days. The last step, Co-Teaching, is set by you, when your schedule allows.

Currently there are four training sessions a year. Each session focuses on the lessons that are appropriate for the given season. Fall and Spring trainings are held in September and April/May respectively. Explorers, Insects, Animal Signs, Stream Life and World of Pond are the lessons we offer in the Fall and Spring. Winter trainings are held in January for Winter Challenge and Snowshoeing. Finally, Marvelous Maples training is held in March right about the time of the thaw.

If you would like further information regarding how to become a Friends of Five Rivers' volunteer instructor or specific training dates, please email the Guided School Program Coordinator at gsp5rivers@outlook.com.