Lesson Content and Format


Lessons are taught Monday through Friday during the school year, any time between 8:30 AM to 2 PM. Please consult our reservations information. Spring and fall lessons are taught completely outdoors. Winter lessons begin with an indoor introduction before going afield. All lessons are two hours long, except lessons for pre-school, kindergarteners and first grade students. These lessons are 90 minutes in duration. We can accommodate a wide range of special needs, including students with mobility impairments and/or physical challenges. Please indicate any special needs your students may have on the Lesson Request Form and/or call to discuss these with the Program Coordinator.

Spring and Fall

Exploring the Outdoors (1.5 HRS, Pre-K- Grade 1) NEW: Birds (1.5 HRS, Pre-K - Grade 1; and 2 HRS, Grades 2-3) Insects (2 HRS, Grades 2-4) Animal Signs (2 HRS, Grades 2-4) Stream Life (2 HRS, Grades 3-4) World of the Pond (2 HRS, Grades 5-7)

Winter and March

NEW: Here Comes Winter (1.5 HRS, Pre-K - Grade 2) Winter Challenges (2 HRS, Grades 3-7) Snowshoeing and Winter Ecology (2 HRS, Grades 4-7) Marvelous Maples (50 MIN, Pre-K to Grade 3, March Only) NEW: Advanced Maples (2 HRS, Grades 3-4, March Only)

Learning Standards

Five Rivers' environmental education classes can help your students understand many key ideas from the New York State Learning Standards for Mathematics, Science, and Technology, particularly the Living Environment component of Standard 4: Science, and the Scientific Inquiry component of Standard 1: Analysis, Inquiry, and Design. We provide hands-on experiences and opportunities for students to be actively engaged in the discovery process. Students will focus on such concepts as adaptations, life cycles, food chains and seasonal change, and will make their own observations of plant and wildlife habitats.